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Our mission is to remain, “Motivated Beyond Tomorrow” through Superior service delivery, innovation, communication, effective administration and total focus on our promise to put the customer first.

Strict control and management of the value chain, competent and enthusiastic staff, proactive marketing and an innovative approach ensure that we remain committed, sustainable, profitable and focused.

MBT is constantly adding value beyond expectations”


The MBT Petroleum vision is to become the petroleum supplier of choice in all Southern African markets.

In the foreground, this will be evident through our stylish brand and excellent service.
In the background, we will set the standard for the retail, commercial, logistics and lube sectors. We will continue to expand our footprint nationally, build the awareness of our brand, grow market share, increase both shareholder and stakeholder value and benefit the customers and service providers who support us.


The humble honey bee is one of many.
In a day’s work he buzzes from plant to plant gathering food for his hive
and pollinating the flowers as he goes.
When he rests he has no resentment, no desire and no question
about why he did what he did today and why he will do it again tomorrow.
He’s simply content in the knowledge that today he sustained his hive and that,
come sunrise, he will do it again.

Little does that bee know, that his tiny effort is what keeps our planet alive.
He’s unaware that without him; plants would not grow, animals would not be fed
and the Earth would be nothing more than a desert.
His peaceful sleep comes from the knowledge that his community is fed
and that he has played his part.

The honey bee is selfless.
The honey bee doesn’t think about the now.
The honey bee is motivated beyond tomorrow.


  • Build an additional 50 new retail stations within the next 3 years
  • Expand the retail division nationally
  • Become self-sufficient in terms of supply
  • Develop the MBT brand into a household name

“The bee is not the symbol of MBT simply because it is black and yellow. We associate ourselves with the bee because of its work ethic and its sense of community”

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